Looking Ahead

technology and its vital role in rural growth

Rural communities face challenges in a rapidly changing global economy. Investing in connectivity infrastructure is essential.

As the rural economic landscape evolves, a strong technology base helps us attract and retain new community members.


growth in demand

The age of the Internet of Things is here. Everything from our work to entertainment to bill paying and controlling our home environment happens online. As more people and their devices connect to the web, our reliance on ever faster internet grows too. Economic forecasts predict the exponential growth in the technology sector to continue for many years to come.


upgrades and maintenance

The 2016 upgrade and expansion project extended our reach significantly.

For 2017, we are looking at:

  • next generation radios on all customer premises (up to 75 installs)
  • next generation equipment on all towers (25 tower radios)



Tatlayoko Think Tank has established the regional market for high speed broadband. Our position as an essential service providers in our community, along with the expected increase in demand has created openings in our local job market. 

We are in need of skilled worker(s) to continue our work in the West Chilcotin. As in most rural settings, the necessary skill set is broad. Optimally, the position would be filled by one person, however, it could be split into 2 or 3 people:

  • tower climber / installer / battery and solar panel electrician
  • network specialist / server analyst / tech specialist / billing clerk / web site programmer

The man hours to get where we are have been largely subsidized by John Kerr and Deborah Stephenson-Kerr (both 'retired' community members).

We are currently restructuring to ensure uninterrupted, continued service to the five communities in our service area.


grants and funding

TTT's growth has been made possible through support from several government funding initiatives. Moving forward we will be applying for funding from Federal and Provincial initiatives:



On January 23rd 2017, the Province of British Columbia stated it would be "renewing a long-term focus on technology, innovation and specific steps to address challenges facing rural communities" as part of The BC Jobs Plan.



"The Connect to Innovate program will help realize the Innovation Agenda's vision by investing up to $500 million by 2021, to ensure that rural and remote communities across Canada are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the digital age."